Motorola Stronger Than Apple in Brand Loyalty

Um, wait what? According to statistics from YouGov's BrandIndex (who?), Motorola has just passed Apple in brand loyalty among men ages 18 and up. This coincides with the launch of the Motorola DROID so perhaps those terminator inspired ads from Verizon really worked.

It's pretty amazing to see Motorola, a company that took 5 years to deliver a notable handset after the RAZR, surpass Apple, king of all branding, in brand loyalty. In fact, it's more than just amazing--it's downright stunning. Is Apple starting to feel the negative effects of being aligned with AT&T for the iPhone? Or is this just the nature of being king of the hill, where the newest kid on the block always takes the shine? We're definitely going to have to see if the DROID can maintain this kind of brand loyalty for Motorola long term, but in the short term, the DROID has been nothing short of successful.

We're not sure how YouGov cooked up these numbers but hey, we're rolling with them until someone says different. What do you guys think?

[via appleinsider]

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Casey Chan
  • doesn't even compare to the BIG spike in the chart by APPLE. DUH DUH DERRRRRRRRRRR
  • Thanks for your expert statistical analysis, J!
  • I was a loyal MOTO fan for a long time. My gadget nerdiness started with the StarTac, continued with the V-series (V600 being my fav), and culminated with the PEBL. I suffered through their lame-o software because the hardware was unbeatable. I still miss my PEBL.
  • StarTac .... good god probably my favorite phone ever loved it. Anyways, the Droid does have Verizon backing it which helps but it is a solid device and has a pretty good market place ... I love mine.
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  • The phone is still ugly and should of been developed by someone else. 5 years and they still build plastic crap. Great OS in Sh*tty home.
  • it is obvious that you don't have the phone. it is mostly metal and glass. And who cares if its sexy or great looking , the phone works great and does what its supposed to do..and personally i like the way it looks,Simplistic.
  • With the exception of a six month stint with Blackberry, I have been all Motorola since the early days of the Startac (with LED display). Sure, Motorola has had some duds, but they always seem to be the one at the top of the pack (for me at least).
  • Interesting, the chart reports on hardly a month's worth of data. 4 days of victory over Apple is not so much vs. years of Apple's dominance. Let's see what we'll have next year for iPhone, OS 4.0? HD video? Give it a month or two, and the Droid will have become another Storm/Storm 2. I can almost smell Google's proprietary gPhone launching on AT&T next year. Doesn't that makes all other Android devices second class when the gPhone comes to life? Hello Moto!
  • Android article
  • iPhone is for girls or men with girlish wonder once a phone that appeals to real men comes along it becomes more popular for men 18+.
  • That's why this world is coming 2 an end all this hype and no matter how good the phone is your still locked down on a 2yr contract and they will always find a way to boosted up internet prices next thing you know your paying 200$ a month for some stupid device that really doesn't do much basically what I'm saying is there robbing consumers. Especially young consumers how the hell a phone cost more than a laptop HELLO MOTO......
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