Motorola putting Bing on some Chinese Android phones in lieu of Google

This is another one of those deals that's likely to raise a few eyebrows, or at least produce some unwarranted exclamation points. The long and short of it is that Microsoft and Motorola have come to a deal that will make Bing the default search engine on Android devices released in China in the first quarter.

Here's another way to write that headline: "Manufacturer does what it wants with its own phones."

While it's the first time we can think of Bing being put onto an Android device by default, it's still in the same ballpark as AT&T going with Yahoo on the Backflip. And far be it from Microsoft to put its product on every platform imaginable, right? Besides, this may just be payback for all those Windows Phones that are seeing Android ported onto them. [PR Newswire]

Phil Nickinson