More Android Market Stats and Numbers

Medialets has come through with more Android Market stats and as always, they make for a good story. According to Medialets, here are the highlights:

  • 167 Apps have been downloaded between between 667,000 and 2.9 Million times.
  • Downloads are being driven by 41 apps, which account for between 73% and 83% of all possible downloads.
  • Two applications, Pac-Man by Namco and The Weather channel generated the most downloads (50,000 - 250,000).
  • Although download ranges can be very large, growth on the low-end was still nearly 80% during the first week.
  • 5 Categories account for 61% of all apps.
  • The number of apps has nearly tripled since launch, led by the Games, Tools and Productivity categories.

It's always fun to learn about the trends and figures of Android Market especially considering that Google has kept the exact details under wraps. What do you think about these numbers? Do you think Google will ever release the actual figures?


Casey Chan