Thanks to titles like Pokémon Go and Fortnite, mobile gaming has seen huge traction over the last couple years. Looking ahead, that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

Per an analysis from Newzoo that Google shared on the Android Developers Blog, mobile gaming is expected to account for almost 60% of gaming revenue around the globe by 2021. According to Google:

The drivers of this growth come in many forms, including more developers building great games, new game styles blurring the lines of traditional genres, and the explosion of gaming in emerging markets — most notably India.

On the topic of mobile games, Google's launching some new tools for developers creating Android games. Most notably, the Play Store's pre-registration feature is now available for everyone to use — making it easy for devs to promote and market their games leading up to their release.

Google also shared some stats on existing dev tools:

  • Google Play Instant grew by 3x for games over the last six months.
  • More than 60,000 apps/games use Google's Android App Bundle platform.

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