Microsoft's Xbox Music coming to Android ... 'eventually'

With the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch just around the corner, Microsoft is once again making a big push into the world of digital music with its new Xbox Music service. Launching across Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Windows Phone 8 handsets and Xbox 360, Xbox Music won't be limited to Microsoft's own platforms, though, as the company has today confirmed that it'll "eventually" be heading to Android and iOS, too

In addition to the standard music streaming service, Xbox Music will reportedly comprise a digital download service, a cloud music storage offering and an iTunes Match-like service for importing tracks from CDs or other sources.

But in order to access the service on these other platforms, though, you'll need a $10-per-month subscription, as the free, ad-supported Xbox Music experience will only be available on Windows 8 PCs. With regards to Android, Xbox Music will compete with Google Play Music, a service that's well established in the U.S., but unavailable internationally. If Microsoft can offer wide availability in enough countries, it'd could have the chance convert Android users over to Xbox Music before Google has the chance to launch its own service.

Source: Microsoft; via:WPCentraliMore

Alex Dobie
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