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Microsoft introduces its new task manager app To-Do in beta

If you're looking for yet another task manager application and use Microsoft's Office 365 you might want to check out the new To-Do beta app (opens in new tab).

Think of it as a Wunderlist (opens in new tab) replacement that also makes suggestions for you. It actually comes from the developers of Wunderlist and uses a sorting algorithm to determine what's important for you to do today or what you missed yesterday. A video is worth a thousand words here, and luckily Microsoft has it covered.

It's important to remember that this app is in beta. It looks really nice and seems to work well, but there probably will be bugs. Microsoft is quick at fixing those when it comes to its Android apps, though. And while it's from the Wunderlist folks, it's not yet a direct replacement and lacks a weekly view or the ability to star messages.

The features will likely come as Microsoft puts the finishing polish on To-Do, but even today it looks like an app a lot of people will love with the Office 365 integration and suggestion features. Check it out!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I know its beta, but MS had all the time in the world and had complete access to Wunderlist developers, but still released a product that didn't offer half of the functionality of Wunderlist. Absolutely horrendous.
  • beta does not equal "released a product." when its out of beta, criticisms about feature parity will be applicable.
  • This app is being built by the Wunderlist team and as a beta version it is a little bare bones at the moment but that will change as the app nears release.
  • I get an error code when hitting the link in this article. Looks like maybe they pulled the app? Never mind. Your link just isn't working.
  • All links work for me. It's a shame that you weren't less ambiguous with your description ("the link"), others would take the time to laugh at you too.
  • Google needs to get on its horse and either enhace their current to do/task list app or buy a company that already makes a good product. I currently use TickTick and enjoy both the app and web version. What I really would love is the overall integration with Google's ecosystem.
  • Why don't the link cortana to it? There are way to many apps and options about imo. Everyone seem to be getting i to the assistants at the moment but cortana is the only one that links across all OS's for me that's the reason i use it. Don't understand why others don't do more with it.