Microsoft adds Android Enterprise fully-managed device support with Microsoft Intune

What you need to know

  • IT managers can now manage corporate-owned Android devices with Microsoft Intune.
  • The new option helps improve device security.
  • Microsoft recently announced an upcoming Android phone that may be used frequently by enterprises.

Microsoft has focused on enterprise users for years, and that trend continues with the rollout of the ability to manage corporate-owned Android devices with Microsoft Intune. The new ability allows IT managers and corporations to deliver desired scenarios to devices. The process also helps "ensure endpoints and devices are secure" according the Microsoft blog post announcing the new feature.

In the blog post, Microsoft breaks down how Microsoft Intune helps control and secure enterprise devices.

"With support for Android Enterprise fully managed devices, Microsoft 365 customers can deliver a high-quality and feature-rich productivity scenario for employees on corporate-owned devices, while maintaining an extended set of policy controls over those devices. Intune support for Android Enterprise work phone management is now available.

Microsoft recently announced an Android device of its own, the Surface Duo. The dual-screened device has earned buzz in just about every sphere of tech, but one area that it will be used in is enterprise. Microsoft also has a vast library of applications on Android for both general consumers and professional users. The addition of Microsoft Intune to Android is a natural progression for the company that is increasingly focused on the enterprise experience on Android.

Microsoft breaks down the process in much further detail in a community post that was released towards the end of September.

Sean Endicott