Meon makes its way to Android!

Those of you old enough to remember Windows Mobile no doubt played Meon at some point. The idea's simple enough — you use light to free the cute little Meons from whatever it is that's keeping them trapped. The game starts out simple, but pretty soon you'll be bouncing light off mirrors and changing colors with prisms to the point that you're not sure what started where, or where it's going to end up. It's strangely addicting.

The Android version is faithful to the original. Our only real complaint is that it doesn't really take advantage of the larger screen sizes.

Meon Lite gives you access to the first 32 levels, though chances are if you're anything like us, you'll spring 99 cents to get all 120 levels in the full version. We've got download links after the break.

Download: Meon Lite (opens in new tab) (free), Meon full (opens in new tab) (99 cents)

  • First LED Football and now this?! Some of us ARE getting old. Phil, can you get us an AARP discount on apps maybe? :)
  • I loved this game on my TP2. Does anyone know if there are new levels or if the levels are the same as the WinMo version?
  • Link to lite version is busted.
  • Meon Lite = /fixed
  • I remember buying this for....something i had....Wait, a Mogul maybe? Who knows, but it was awesome.
  • What's next ? Snake from Nokia?
  • I had a game like this on the DS. It was tight, but my daughter brought the DS to school and it was stolen (or lost) and never bought it again. Looking forward to this one.