Max Payne Mobile coming to Android April 26th

If you dig third-person shooter games then chances are you've checked out Max Payne at some point since its original release in 2001 and now, Rockstar Games is taking Max Payne to new territory. As announced on their blog, Max Payne Mobile will be arriving on Android devices come April 26th and will feature the full classic game optimized for mobile experiences and include HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls. Sadly, Rockstar has yet to announce which devices will be compatible at launch but that will come soon enough and it should be a broad range.

Source: Rockstar Games

  • Amazing!! Max payne is one of my favourite games. Shooting, drugs and a trail of blood that if you veer off you fall into a black abyss. Fantastic news! :) this made me very happy
  • You know all this years & I never played once !!!
    I was too busy with GTA !!!! GTA 1 & 2 : fried both CDs GTA III : Fried the PlayStation 2 twice GTA Vice City, Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories : Fried 2 CDs each GTA San Andreas : More than 4 CDs GTA IV : still running strong on Xbox 360 (thank god)
  • its a totally awesome game! definitely try it. I'd buy a ps2 for it again if i had the time to play it haha.
  • I call horse shit on Rockstar. They have yet if ever to release GTA 3 for the HTC Evo 3d. Would love to play this but I'm sure they will let me down again.
  • Funny... I had GTA III on my 3D.
  • rumor is... It's coming to IOS first next week than android later.
  • And we should care why? Its a few weeks.
  • And we should care why? Its a few weeks.
  • Come on RockStar !!!! Lets Get it over with Max Payne!!!
    I WANT GTA 5 !!!!! Well, if the Atrix is supported (it better be!) I might give it a
    Shot But damn it RockStar games !!! How about some Grand Theft Auto 5 love !!!!
    We need a new trailer or teaser, hell I'll settle for some new details !!!!
  • You really think rock star will realese gta5 on a mobile platform before ps3 and xbox360. Stupid.
  • No I mean the Console version !!! I've been stalking them on Facebook & Twitter asking them about more information since the trailer was released & they reply to me with some Max Payne 3 stuff
  • Gotcha. Been waiting for gta 5 myself. Hoped you meant console before mobile though. Although I didn't really like Max Payne much.
  • I loved the original Max Payne! Loved the story, the way it was told like a book narrative. The voice acting was amazing, even by today's standards! The action was also top-notch! Would love to play it again. Doubt my crappy, old Nexus S can handle the game though...although, it did play Dead Space with no problems whatsoever.
  • The original Max Payne was probably one of the most memorable games in my child hood, more than GTA for me! Wooohooo, I love it!