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With summer coming to an end, the hunt for ways to keep the pounds off during the winter months begins. Sometimes just watching what we eat is not enough and it needs to be taken to the next level where calories are counted. Previously counting calories while on the go was a pain, people had to carry around books that contained the information on how many calories each piece of food they were eating had, as well as log it by meal. While this worked for some, it was a pain to many and luckily the folks at MyNetDiary agreed and have released Calorie Counter Pro into the Android market. For those who left an iOS device to come to Android or those who still carry an iOS device, this application may have been a favorite for you already, and for those new to the application, this is one you won't want to miss.

Calorie Counter Pro is an intuitive application that offers users an abundance of features, and covers nearly every aspect of a daily healthy life. From measuring your daily intake of vitamins to water consumption as well as calories taken in verse burned through excersize, this application is a great one stop for all your dietary needs. Entering meals is extremely easy as the application features a real time search, like Google, so as you type it is giving you options to select. With over 300,000 food items in the database that continues to grow, searching for your food choices should be a painless process.

If for some reason you happen to be without your device you can log into their website and enter your meals in the same way, and sync it to your device at a later time if needed. With MyNetDiary you are not alone, their amazing dieting community is always just a click away from you if you need some extra motivation or any assistance in figuring out exactly what is best for you. If you want to crack down on what you are eating, and transform your lifestyle to a healthier one you will definitely want to check this out in the Android market today for $2.99.

MyNetDiary Makes Mobile Food Diary App Available for Android Market

The beauty, ease of use and finesse of MyNetDiary's top iPhone and iPad diet

apps is now available for Android

September 21, 2010– MyNetDiary, a modern and comprehensive online diet

service, announced today the release of their highly anticipated instant

calorie counting app for the Android Market. Following in the footsteps of

their previous food diary apps for Blackberry, iPhone and the iPad, which

earned the #1 spot in Apple’s Healthcare & Fitness category, the MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter PRO App will include all the beauty, ease of use and finesse

their users have come to expect.

“Our members have been asking us to bring our easy-to-use food diary app to

the Android Market for several months,” says Sergey Oreshko, CEO of

4Technologies Corporation and co-creator of MyNetDiary, “and finally

we’ve been able to build an app that is as every bit feature-filled and

elegant as our top-ranked iPhone and iPad calorie counting apps.”

The launch of the Android instant calorie counter app makes it the first and

only comprehensive paid diet management app available on the Android

platform. Counting more than just calories, the MyNetDiary Calorie Counter

PRO App will give members a powerful tool for diet planning, nutritional tips

and a daily analysis of their foods, nutrients, exercises and progress toward

their dieting goal.

“The MyNetDiary mobile apps and website have always been regarded as the

easiest food diary to use,” says Oreshko, “and with our Online Community,

supported by a Registered Dietitian, our members can get the support and

motivation they need without showing up for meetings.”

All data entered by members are stored in an online cloud, which means people

can change their smartphones without losing their data or their diet plan.

And since the apps and website are always in sync, a member can use an iPad

to enter breakfast, a laptop to record lunch and take their Android phone to

dinner with them and log their meal before it even arrives.

Additional services included in MyNetDiary’s free and paid memberships

include diet and exercise analysis, measurements, recipes, charts and a

variety of reports to export and review. Members can also integrate their

Twitter accounts, sending their diet and exercise updates automatically.

Over 500,000 people have already used MyNetDiary to pursue their diet goals

naturally by making better daily food choices. To learn more about the

Calorie Counter PRO for Android, visit

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