LG planning 20 Android phones in next 6 months

HTC, Motorola, and Samsung are the three juggernauts of the Android phone world. So what’s the deal with LG? So far, they don’t have much to show for in the US, except the LG Ally. On top of that, their first-quarter smartphone profit sales have dropped 6.7 percent from last year. Since the Android market is starting to become insanely lucrative, they’ve decided to get serious and have released a statement saying that 20 LG Android powered devices will be rolled out before the end of the year. Now, it’s hard to say how many of those phones will make it to the US, but we should expect to see at least a few. [via Unwired View]

Update: It appears that LG's 20 new smartphones won't all be running Android.  Android Central commenter On2Vegas points us to a comment on a story at GigaOm from Ken Hong at LG Electronics in Seoul.  According to Ken no solid numbers for the Android platform as the "portfolio is still in flux".  Thanks On2Vegas!

Adam Sawyer
  • who cares about LG!?
  • That's such a "fluff" number. They are probably counting 5 different variants of each phone. Just cause they have 20 versions, doesn't mean it counts as 20 phones.
  • You are probably right, different radios for different carriers all in the same body. I long for the day you can change the radio the same way you change the battery. The US carrier industry has intentionally fractured the radio space to lock in customers.
  • Why not just focus on just one good android phone?
  • I'll. Hope they will all be running 2.1+
  • I dug the build quality on my old LG Shine. That thing was a friggin excellent little brick with a solid feel to it. Give me a quality Android phone with that kind of build quality and that metallic look and I'd definitely give that thing a look. My Droid is the closest I've found to that look and feel.
  • All I know is I love my LG 20" Flatron W2061TQ LCD Monitor :)
  • ...
  • This may not be accurate. GigaOm posted a similar article about LG joining the Android Army and someone claiming to be from LG Electronics posted the following: Hi Kevin. A bit of clarification is required here. What we’ve said on more than one occasion is that LG would have a total of 20 or so smartphones out by the end of the year. We never specified how many of those would be running Android, how many would be Microsoft Mobile and how many would be something else. Not sure how the story came out this way but we figure it was due to some poor translation. I wish I could say for certain how many of each but the product portfolio is still in flux. Sorry to mislead you and your readers. Ken Hong LG Electronics Seoul Link: http://gigaom.com/2010/06/10/why-lg-is-enlisting-in-the-android-army/
  • Hi Adam, that was me commenting on Gigaom. The information was originally misreported by The Korea Times and they have continued to ignore our request for a correction. Even though the number was incorrect there's no question that LG is committed to both the Android and Windows Phone platforms as well as some other OSes we've been considering. Hopefully we'll have more accurate news for you and your readers soon enough... Ken Hong
    Director, Global Communications
  • Sounds terrible. There is nothing that Lucky Goldstar can make that will make want to buy it. I mean have you seen the ally?
  • Personally I love LG phones. Before I got a storm and then an Eris I had a lot of LG phones. They were reliable and had great battery life. But they are going to have to do better than the ally to get me to switch back. Otherwise I'm waiting for the HTC scorpion.
  • I liked my LG VX4500 when I was with Verizon. But it wasn't a smart phone. If they can come up with 4.3+ screen & 2.1 or 2.2 on T-Mobile I will definetly look at it. But from the correction it sounds like WinMo is getting their attention. & Bill Gates has a us or them attitude. So I would be surprised to see anything groundbreaking in the US.