LG Optimus Vu gets demoed on video, still looks big

Youtube link for mobile viewing

With the LG Optimus Vu getting it's official unveiling ahead of Mobile World Congress, there is plenty of folks out there looking to get their hands on the device to get a better look at it. Luckily, the device has been making its rounds and most recently was caught on video.

In it, we get a good look at the 5-inch (1024x768) IPS display and a better feeling for the 4:3 aspect ratio plus, a look at the tools that will be used for hand written notes -- just like the Galaxy Note, though there is no stylus present in the video. We'll hold off our full commentary until we get our own hands-on with it but what do you all think of it?

Source: NetBookNews

  • Its like a techno brick. I like the idea (if the Galaxy Note ever comes to Sprint, I`m there) but this is a bit square for my taste.
  • If this format gains any traction, the normal way of suffering to devices as 5 inches now becomes less useful. A Galaxy Note 5 inch is a whole lot different than this 5 inch. X and Y Pixel count, plus diagonal size, plus aspect ratio becomes a nightmare of mental conversions. Sometimes I think actual screen X-Y dimensions are more helpful in determining pocket-ability. Pardon the apple oriented nature of THIS LINK, which describes the problem of the pocket test.
  • lg is trying too hard
  • Still an ugly square...
  • Using your finger is so 2011. Where's the pen?
    GNote FTW
  • Thats what she said
  • if you look 0:19-0:20 into the video it looks like there may be a stylus that slides into the phone. above the camera there looks to be a button and to the left of that a notch that could be a stylus or button but looking at the rest of the device it does not look like a button to me. i'm loving my galaxy note on att but this looks to wide for me. the droid razr feels wide to me but the galaxy note doesnt. maybe its a mental thing with a hight to width ratio that just feels weird.
  • Even the youtube video is 4:3... Kim Jong Il must have not allowed widescreen in North Korea... (I know, I know LG is a South Korean company... but still)
  • Although I would have no use for this, it's nice to see a 4:3 option. 4:3 works much better than widescreen for documents and other real work.
  • Using today's latest technology... for someone stuck in 2004
  • Side bezels appear to be overly wide. Is it pocketable? Rounded corners would allow better entrance/exit from pockets. Maybe this is formated for purses, instead of pockets. What do the gals say?
  • I love the Note...and I like that LG is trying but way too much bezel and way too square.