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LG Optimus 3D appears in 2D form

Sure, the dual-core LG Optimus 2X is all the rage right now (be sure to check out our hands-on, benchmarks and gaming tests), but another high-end LG phone is starting to make the rounds. Phandroid got slipped this pic of what's being called the Optimus 3D. It very much looks like the Optimus 2X from the front, but the bottom bezel and earpiece are slightly different.

As far as that whole "3D" thing goes, no telling on that yet (and we're still not entirely sold on the idea sight unseen). But the screen supposedly is larger than 4 inches, has a dual-core processor (no surprise there) and "multi-channel RAM" (is that new?)

So, yeah, we'll see about this whole 3D thing. And by "we'll see," we mean we'll be at LG's event at Mobile World Congress in a couple weeks, and we'll get this thing figured out. [Phandroid]

  • 3D does it come with the glasses
  • SPRINT!...... sprint, right?
  • Of course...this is the next industry first :) I hope! We gotta stay strong and positive man!
  • I think this is coming to Sprint. According to phonearena Sprint is supposed to be showing off some new phone Feb. 7.
  • Uhhhh looks like the droid x... no..? Mmm... but looks good
  • It does look like a Droid X. Maybe a hybrid Moto/HTC device. LG needs to come into it's own, we could use something different.
  • I like that LG is trying for the designs now and there's only so much you can do but their other phone looks like an Evo and this looks like a Droid X. They need to make a look for themselves. Other than that I wonder if they'll be any 3D elements in the UI or if it'll just be for mutlimedia since touching a 3D menu won't make much sense.
  • Maybe its got the Tegra2 3D chip that was shown on the nVidia road map. That would make this worth having.
  • yea sprint bring this baby in...
  • Was this not at the CES? Saw something like this playing 3D without the use of glasses.. Looked good.. Oh, played the trailer of Yogi Bear
  • Seems like this phone and LG's tablet both have the Nvidia Tegra 2 3D chip and LG's glasses-free 3D. Looking forward to Mobile World Congress...
  • Dual Channel Memory? Do want. Dual Channel DDR2? Bye bye memory speed problems
  • Multi channel ram simply means there is more than 1 ram stick in the device. The benifits are the same as the benifits of a dual core processor (2 devices doing half the work for the same result = less power and more speed) No, its quite old in the PC world, but i would assume there has never been a need for it in the phone world. i hope its not hoakey. if the first 3d device comes off as lame, the rest will be shot down before they have a chance.