The LG G6 is almost certainly going to have Google Assistant, according to a teaser released by the company this week.

The company is spending the weeks before its MWC-based announcement hyping up particular aspects of its flagship. We've already learned that the phone will be waterproof, and have a screen with very slim bezels, and now there's reason to believe Google Assistant — or some form of artificial intelligence — will be included.

Image: ZDNet

One of the more pervasive rumors since the LG G6 was pre-announced has been the expansion of the Google Assistant into third-party manufacturers from Google's own Pixel lineup. We've seen that the company is willing to offer the service to other devices in the form of the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV and the LG Watch Sport and Style, so there's no reason to believe that the G6, made by a company with whom Google has a very good relationship, won't be the first third-party phone with Assistant.

We'll have to wait a few more weeks to be sure, though: the press conference is set for February 26.



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