LG G5 pays a visit to the iFixit offices for a 'friendly' teardown

LG's latest flagship smartphone, the LG G5, brings all its friends to the yard with the new magic slot. The team over at iFixit decided to see just how easy it is to take apart the G5, beyond that of simply swapping out optional modules. The result is LG produced quite the repair-friendly handset, but the company already enjoyed a head start in tests by offering a stunning unibody smartphone with a super-easy removable battery.

What makes this particularly interesting is just how easy the G5 is to take apart. Simply remove the battery, take out two screws and everything can be accessed. Utilizing standard Philips screws also gives LG some added bonus points. So if you happen to experience an issue with your LG G5, there's a solid chance you'll be able to carry out the repair without seriously damaging the device or gluing your hands together.

Check out the full report over at iFixit.

Rich Edmonds