The LG G3 has a menu button; here's where to find it

LG swapped out the menu button on this year's phone but still left access should you need it

Like Samsung and the Galaxy S5 before it, LG has swapped out the permanent menu button for the more "normal" recent apps switcher on the G3. In 2014 there really shouldn't be any actual need for a menu button in applications, but like Samsung, LG has left the menu button lurking on the G3 should you ever need it. There's just no mention of where it actually is.

As illustrated in the image above, holding down the task switching button on the G3 will act as a menu button. So if you're using a really, really old app that still has a legacy menu button or just because the G3 is quite large and you can't reach the top, there it is. Right where it ever was, just not quite so visible.

This is probably the best of both worlds, as it is on the Galaxy S5. There's now got the standard Android on-screen buttons while retaining the functionality that might be called upon once in a while. So, that's all there is to it. When you pick up your own LG G3 you now know where to find that menu button!

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Richard Devine
  • Actually i think there is need for a menu button in 2014, because phones are so large, its nice to have one at the bottom in easy reach. Im using a G3 ROM on my G2 and I'm glad they kept it in, on the G2 it was an option to have a permanent menu button in the nav bar.
  • If you dont mind, which rom? (and which g2?) ive been looking and wanted some opinion
  • I second this query... Posted via Android Central App
  • Likely this one: Been itching to give it a try myself. Posted from G2 via Android Central App
  • Personally I don't need a menu button on a phone large or small, but like the fact they included it. Better they made it hidden/optional unlike the Note 3. App switcher is much more useful for me.
  • The LG3 has no release date, how can I find THAT!
  • I believe it'll be released mid-July. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm all for the standard on screen buttons. But I think I'd actually enjoy being able to hold multitasking for menu. That'd be kinda nice. I'm sure there's an exposed module for that or something but I'm not sure if I'll ever root the m8:/ Posted via Android Central App
  • Why is that I know everything about a phone that I can't even order? I appreciate all the information gathered from foreign models, but it's not useful until we can actually use it on model(s) released in the US.
    The S5 gets more attractive every day that passes without an official release date.
  • Not to me. S5 will never be attractive. I'm a patient man. It also helps I won't be able to upgrade until July. Picking the S5 over the G3 will be a big mistake. Posted via Android Central App
  • Good for you.
  • What was wrong with the stock Android way of handling the menu button on Onscreen Navigation bars?
  • I love my menu button in the navbar. Long press home for recent apps... I'll hate to not have it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wish they would do an update so that we G2 owners can switch the menu button for the multi task button :D
  • That is what Xposed is for :)
  • i've heard of it, but have never rooted before. Worried i would mess up my phone some how. Are there any side effects of rooting (battery/performance)?
  • AFAIK no side effects.
  • Unless you count get addicted to rooting every android device you will ever own a side effect.
  • Go to on your phone and download the app run it and it will root your phone and reboot then download g2 tweekbox. Posted via Android Central App
  • wow thank you so much. I just used that and now have root access :D. again...THANK YOU
  • No problem dont forget to to download g2 tweekbox and turn on the g3 quick settings toggle Posted via Android Central App
  • Holding down recents for menu also works in my "Schizoid"/PAC ROM, although I don't know whom to credit (PA or AOKP or AOSP or Cyanogenmod). Posted via Android Central App on my HP TouchPad (Schizoid PAC-ROM 4.2.2)
  • This phone just keeps sounding better and better. I have a moto X and i hate that the only thing you can do with the bottom bar is launch google play by swiping from bottom up. (to which i got an app to change it to launch other things) but i wish holding down buttons did something. And maybe even enough to customize it because honestly the three little dots to the side of the bar does nothing and i usually miss it and hit recent apps instead.
    Also, luwlz on the Kaiju.
  • Call me old fashioned but I like having a menu button. It's habit to click on the soft key when I want to open a menu and it really doesn't take up any extra space so why get rid of it? I hope they don't decide we don't need a back button either. Soon all we'll have is 1 button like Apple products ..They already took away our removable batteries, sd cards, and flash support and google is trying to make it unrootable... Posted via Android Central App
  • "As illustrated in the image above, holding down the task switching button on the G3 will act as a menu button" It is recent apps key?