LG was one of the original partners of Android Wear, release the LG G Watch at Google I/O in 2014. And just a few short months later at the IFA conference in Berlin, LG is going to show off its second watch. This time, it'll be round.

And it's called the LG G Watch R. And you're going to have to wait for it.

The G Watch R will be available sometime in the fourth quarter of 2014 — that's October through December — and there are good odds we'll see it released alongside the Android L release. It's got a 1.3-inch P-OLED display at 320 by 320 resolution, and a 410mAh battery. It'll run Android Wear, naturally, and come with a replaceable leather strap.

We don't yet know the price. The Moto 360 is rumored to retail at around $250. Will the LG G Watch R price hit that mark? We'll just have to see.

And so far we're not expecting a major change in functionality — at least not until Google updates the Android Wear software — but it is possible we'll see an extra sensor or two tucked in there.

Stay tuned. This page is your home for all things LG G Watch R.