LG 'B' shows up wearing 4-inch IPS display

Speaking of next-generation LG hardware, some pics and specs came out today of what's supposedly codenamed the LG B. Not a whole lot is said about it other than it's got a 4-inch screen -- and once of those newfangled IPS LCD screen like on the iPhone 4, at that. It's supposed to be bright as the sun (or something like that), outputting at 700 nits.

We'll toss a couple more specs that we happened to hear today: The name LG "Speed" was mentioned, as was a 1GHz processor and it weight 105 grams. Not a whole lot else to say, other than if we're talking about the same device, it's being shopped around some, in Europe, at least.

Anyhoo, LG definitely has more tricks up its sleeve. The best we can all do at this point is hope it comes to a carrier near us. [Phandroid, Android Central Fourms]

Phil Nickinson