LG 'B' shows up wearing 4-inch IPS display

Speaking of next-generation LG hardware, some pics and specs came out today of what's supposedly codenamed the LG B. Not a whole lot is said about it other than it's got a 4-inch screen -- and once of those newfangled IPS LCD screen like on the iPhone 4, at that. It's supposed to be bright as the sun (or something like that), outputting at 700 nits.

We'll toss a couple more specs that we happened to hear today: The name LG "Speed" was mentioned, as was a 1GHz processor and it weight 105 grams. Not a whole lot else to say, other than if we're talking about the same device, it's being shopped around some, in Europe, at least.

Anyhoo, LG definitely has more tricks up its sleeve. The best we can all do at this point is hope it comes to a carrier near us. [Phandroid, Android Central Fourms]

Phil Nickinson
  • Damn, even LG is stepping it up lately... It's a good day in the tech universe when there's too much good stuff to choose from :P
  • Oooh. Verizon please? I'm dying to see Verizon's upcoming superphones.
    CES cannot come fast enough.
  • Something has to give soon my OG Droid won't last too much longer. Trying to decide whether to pick up a used Droid X or wait for the 4G LTE phones.
  • I'm waiting think well be able to utilize 4g on the DX
  • Why couldn't they put this screen on the Optimus 2X? I've been waiting for this screen to come out but not now, not on a single core phone! Arg...
  • I call BS Anyone notice the notification bar on the two android phones are exactly the same? I mean exactly. The icons and everything are identical. That, and the BS spec sheet on the LCD makes me suspicious. LCD's use the same power no matter the output. It has a uniform backlight, and the individual pixels rotate their little polarizers to change the amount of that backlight it lets through. The chart is on phandroid. I'm also guessing that the other phones have brightness turned way down in this picture. Comparing the other two to the background, there is no way the are that dim at full power.
  • Except that most (all?) digital cameras will alter the picture's brightness based on whatever part of the photo is brightest. Try this: take your phone out, open the camera app. Aim it at at your computer monitor, but with the wall behind it just peeking above the screen. The wall is pretty dark, huh? Move it up so the screen is out of the picture and all you can see is wall. Suddenly it gets brighter. If you have a desk hutch or something else behind your monitor, don't nitpick. Same principle. It should also work with TVs, lamps, or pretty much any point source of light. My wall, for example, appears to be very dark with my laptop's monitor in the picture. Without the screen in the photo, it's white - except for a yellow spot in the center that I didn't notice until just now. Damn you, Eris! Ah, well, it appears to be a camera problem, not a screen problem, I can't see it in other apps, and the camera on the Eris is terrible anyway. That said, the identical screens are, in fact, suspicious.
  • I understand what your saying about the camera. My point was, the LG Screen is about as bright as one would expect when shooting an LCD/Table. The Galaxy S is not. Either they were in an incredibly well lit room to allow the desk to be very bright as well, or the other phones are not on max brightness, by my guess at least. I've been known to be wrong before :p
  • You're absolutely right. If you look at the two screens on the right, you'll notice that everything is the same: icons, font, time, signal strength, battery life. The only difference is the brightness. While the other phone, suppsedly an iPhone, has a completely different time all together. This is an example of a poor Photoshop job.
  • I can also put the brightness of my phone up to 100% and it is a lot brighter than that. The other phones' brightness settings were also set low by the looks of it.
  • Did you guys seriously just use Let Me Google That For You for "nits". Geez, I thought that fad faded out with corduroy pants. That site should be hit with a DDOS. Repeatedly.
  • Am I the only one that thinks these entries REALLY need to be proofread?