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Lenovo's mobile head says Google Play services will launch in China this year

Lenovo's head of mobile division Chen Xudong has claimed that Google is on track to launch its Play services in China this year, following up on previous reports. It's no secret that Google wishes to penetrate the Chinese market with its own online services, but now we have an official from one of Google's partners in the space who expects the company to finally end fragmentation.

While official services from Google, including the Play app store, aren't required for the Android ecosystem to flourish (taking China as a perfect example of this), it's by far more convenient for consumers with official platforms at hand with regards to security, accessibility and experience. Google has also invested recently in the likes of China-based Android Wear partner Mobvoi, to the tune of more than $60 million.

Unfortunately, while this is no official confirmation from Google itself, Xudong failed to mention specific details regarding a launch date. We'll have to hold out until Google reveal its plans for China, but it's a positive sign for those who reside in the country and wish to see such support offered.

Source: Tech Sina, via: 9to5Google

  • This morning I read Google Play's support page in Chinese and they mentioned "Google Play Chinese version". Now it's been deleted.
  • Won't do much good. Baidu and the other app stores have the Chinese market on lock down. What will Google Play have to offer to differenate. They've been gone for 5 years. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sigh, I hope it's not too late! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yikes! God help them. I think Google play services is code for "we've decided you need to buy a new device, so yours won't function properly now"