Leaked newsletter shows Sprint will shut down WiMax network on Nov. 6, 2015

Sprint had already revealed that it planned to shut down its WiMax network sometime before the end of 2015 several months ago, but now a leaked newsletter from the wireless provider that was sent anonymously by an Android Central reader confirms that the WiMax shutdown has an exact date: November 6, 2015.

The newsletter also says that letters about the impending shutdown will be sent to Sprint's CL accounts starting this Monday, October 6. That letter will include a note stating that smartphones that work on both WiMax and Sprint's 3G network will continue to connect to the 3G system. It will also contain some alternative low cost or no cost smartphones that work on Sprint's 4G LTE and Spark networks.

180 days before the WiMax shutdown, Sprint will sent notification letters to its IL and prepaid customers and the carrier will continue to provide information on this event as the exact date gets nearer. All in all, Sprint sounds like it will give all of its WiMax customers plenty of time to find alternatives before the shutdown happens.

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John Callaham