Pogo sticks in Fortnite Chapter 2Source: Reddit

What you need to know

  • Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 1 launches on Tuesday, October 15.
  • Chapter 2 looks to bring about an entirely new island to play on, including tons of new activities and vehicles.
  • There will be brand new ways to play and level up, including fishing and other surprising activities.

Unless you're been hiding under a rock the past 24 hours, you've probably heard about the big black hole that sucked up everything players loved about Fortnite. Since the game has been completely unplayable for the past day, players are left with nothing but speculation as to what the next season will bring. However, a leaked trailer for Chapter 2 - Season 1 (previously known as Fortnite Season 11) ends that speculation once and for all.

If you'd rather not have Chapter 2 spoiled for you, now is probably the time to head back to the spinning black hole screen.

Posted on Reddit and already taken down on Twitter, the trailer showcases several new additions and changes to everyone's favorite multiplayer shooter, and it looks like Epic is bringing a whole new level of fun to the situation. Among the crazier things showcased in the trailer is a train of players on pogo sticks, jet boats with machine guns attached, and even players carrying each other across battlefields to get to safety.

New rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, as well as power plants and other completely different looking buildings point to confirm speculation that the island in Fortnite Chapter 2 will be completely different than the one found on Chapter 1.

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Several new activities are showcased in the trailer too, including a plethora of new water activities like diving off a waterfall, fishing in a pond, driving boats, or just swimming to your heart's content. Carrying those friends of yours that just can't quite cut it in battle might be one of the more satisfying ways of keeping the crew together, from the look of things.

Several new skins are showcased in the trailer, as well as a bevy of new ways to level up. The aforementioned fishing is one of those new ways, and there are over 100 rewards to collect and unlock from the get-go.

It's a sign that Epic is ready to seriously one-up itself in the race for the most popular multiplayer shooter this Holiday season. Fortnite might be free to play and available on nearly every gaming platform in existence, but its Battle Passes are a huge cash-cow for the seasoned developer. Stay tuned for the official announcement in just one more day.

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