Fortnite's "The Device" event floods the map ahead of Season 3

Fortnite The Device
Fortnite The Device (Image credit: Epic Games)

What you need to know

  • Fortnite debuted another in-game event prior to the launch of Chapter 2 - Season 3.
  • This time, players were treated to various cutscenes that saw them transported into an office setting.
  • The event left the world of Fortnite surrounded by a world of water, with the storm now seemingly gone for good.

With the start of Fortnite's Chapter 2 - Season 3 just a couple of days away, another live event took place in the game today. During the event, map of Fortnite was changed once again, this time substituting the typical storm with a giant wall of water which wrapped around the entire map.

After shutting off most of the game modes, Epic Games encouraged players to jump into the lobby of the event shortly before things got started. As space began to fill up fast, things began to kick off for the Device event. For those unaware, the story of Fortnite's latest season has revolved around The Agency and Midas, one of the characters introduced in the new season.

Throughout the season, Midas had slowly begun planning for something, which many players assumed was him attempting to harness the power of the storm that's found in the game. As the event kicked off, underwater hatches near The Agency began to open, with antennas lifting up from the water. Soon after, The Agency itself exploded, with a giant device lifting up from the wreckage. As it turned on, it began connecting to all of the antennas via electricity, pushing back the storm that had begun moving in on players. That's when things got really strange.

As the device was powering up, players were lifted into the air, and shortly teleported into a first-person view of what looked to be an office, before quickly coming back. In the game, the storm was pushed all the way off of the map, seemingly going away for good. Just when it looked like the event was over, though, players were once again teleported back to the first-person office view, this time with NPCs talking about the storm.

After getting teleported back into the game, players were greeted with a new storm in the form of a gigantic wall of water, complete with various wildlife swimming throughout it. Another cutscene occurred, with players thrown back into the office and bumping into Jonesy, the original blonde-haired character that players used in Fortnite, only this time he was in a suit, and was shocked to find that players could hear him.

One last transportation brought players back into the Battle Bus, with the entire map surrounded by water. As it stands, it looks like the storm has been replaced by a wall of water, and with the new season of Fortnite set to kick off soon, expect even more changes to occur.

Anthony J Nash

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