The King of Fighters Android arrives for a handful of phones

Classic SNK fighting game The King of Fighters has launched for Android today, and is available to download from the Google Play Store, assuming you own one of the handful of supported devices. The 2D beat-'em-up will set you back £3.79 in the UK, or $4.99 stateside, and includes 20 fighters from previous KoF titles, along with five game modes. If you're into unlockables, you'll also be able to gain access to bonus content including "gallery" mode and trading cards.

Unfortunately, The King of Fighters Android is currently marked as incompatible with a large number of devices, and from what we can tell, only a handful of Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones have access at present. Owners of other phones and tablets may be out of luck until the game's updated to explicitly allow access on other devices. 

Hit the break for the Google Play link, and today's announcement press release from SNK.

Source: Eurodroid

SNK PLAYMORE releases “THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android” on the Android™ Game Platform G-Gee

Mar 22, 2012 – SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President: Ryo Mizufune) is proud to announce the worldwide release of THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android for the Android devices through the Android™ Game Platform G-Gee.

Game features

Enjoy the complete KOF experience on your Android devices!

From art direction to gameplay, THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android brings the complete KOF experience to the Android platforms. The gorgeous graphics of the world-famous fighting series have been faithfully recreated, taking full advantage of the latest Android hardware. The use of the Virtual Pad/Joystick perfectly reproduces KOF’s controls, creating asimple, user-friendly play-style to easily perform special moves and combinations.

Five modes of gameplay!

“THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android” features five game modes: “Team Battle” for classic KOF 3-on-3 battles, “Single Battle” for 1-on-1 fights, “Endless” mode for an endurance challenge with just one life, “Challenge” mode where players needs to complete a variety of character-specific tasks, and “Training” mode where players can practice the Virtual Pad-based controls and learn combos.

20 legendary fighters battle for glory!

The formidable roster of “THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android” features 20 classic characters, including Kyo Kusanagi, K’, Ash Crimson, and Billy Kane!

Unlock trading cards, illustrations and other bonus content!

Various bonus content can be unlocked during gameplay and viewed within the game’s “Gallery” mode. Here players will find premium trading cards based on original SNK PLAYMORE illustrations, various art and rough sketches of KOF characters, KOF Team novel stories from the THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII and many more hidden treasures that fans can’t afford to miss!

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  • Holy $H!+ this is awesome. Too bad it doesn't support the SGS2 Skyrocket. It's $h!+ like this that makes me wanna get a Nexus. Anyone know if it supports bluetooth controllers?
  • Not sure, but it supports Sony's Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")... I have one and they're great for mobile gaming, especially now the Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") has quite a large game catalog now.
  • Dude, at least take 5 seconds and tell us if the controls are good.
  • BTW, I love the influx of old-ish school games coming to our devices. These were classics and still very very fun for a mobile game. If only they really worked hard on getting the controls decent. Trying doing a "fireball" for a crappy screen control. No Hadookens for you!! btw - I realize its not SF but it might as well be :)
  • Great! more games that don't work for the galaxy note and the galaxy nexus. I could of swore the nexus line was supposed to be the developer phone. There is no reason everything shouldnt work with nexus to start. As for the note its understandable but super disappointing. No nba jam, fifa, now this, but hey i got angry birds in space ugh.
  • Works on the Note (international version, N7000)
  • If only they really worked hard on getting the controls decent, There is no reason everything shouldnt work with nexus to start.
  • I don't have any problem with the controls on my Sony Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")... ;-)
  • This was originally advertised as compatible with the Galaxy Nexus. After I purchased it I found out it didn't work, only to post a review and find everything I own removed from the list of compatible devices. Along with the removal of the Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was also removed from their list of compatible devices - which is ironic considering it's glaringly obvious "Confirmed devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" listing in it's description.
  • Meh. It's great to see some decent gaming titles coming to smartphones - though they're still no replacement for a dedicated gaming device like the Sony PlaySTation Vita - but Dead or Alive would have been a much better offering...