Jolla's Sailfish OS 2.0 comes with improved Android app compatibility, Intel CPU support

Finnish manufacturer Jolla has launched the latest iteration of its Sailfish operating system. Sailfish OS 2.0 comes with better compatibility toward Android apps, as well as support for Intel's Atom CPUs. The user interface has been tweaked with enhanced notifications and events views, along with easier access to main functions through a swipe gesture.

Jolla is touting strong privacy and personalization features as well as OS-level integration with mobile commerce solutions. Sailfish is designed to be great at multitasking, and the latest iteration is said to offer even more multitasking features to mobile users. The Jolla Tablet is the first device to run the operating system, with Jolla currently licensing Sailfish OS 2.0 to device manufacturers.

Jolla is inviting vendors from emerging markets like China, India, Japan and Russia to join the Sailfish OS alliance and build devices that offer the mobile OS. Jolla has announced that it is working with software-based companies such as Tieto Corporation and The Qt Company in offering full-scale system integration services for vendors looking to use Sailfish OS in their mobile products.

Jolla to introduce 'Sailfish OS 2.0': the mobile OS empowering partners to develop highly differentiated mobile products

Barcelona, Spain – March 2, 2015 – Jolla, the mobile company from Finland, today announced that the independent mobile operating system Sailfish OS is now ready for licensing to OEMs and other partners. The next generation Sailfish OS scales from smartphones to tablets and introduces previously unseen software capabilities for partners to differentiate their product offerings. Jolla is also working with Intel to support the Intel® AtomTM x3 processor platform on Sailfish OS.

The independent Sailfish OS is soon reaching a major milestone as it is scaling from smartphones to tablets with the introduction of the Jolla Tablet. The first shipments of Jolla's second Sailfish OS product are expected to start in Q2/2015. At this point, Sailfish OS is maturing to the next generation, 'Sailfish OS 2.0', and is introducing e.g. a new enhanced user interface, support for Intel architecture, and previously unseen software integration capabilities for partners.

Antti Saarnio, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Jolla comments: "The Sailfish OS roadmap has led the way from 2012 to this point: Sailfish OS is now ready for licensing to OEMs and other partners. It is scaling from smartphones to tablets, working on different chipsets and technical platforms, and the next generation user experience is simply hard to beat. Adding the unique software integration capabilities for partners, we feel that Sailfish OS is the perfect platform for OEMs, content owners, m-commerce companies, and others to build differentiated mobile products. We are also very happy to work with Intel in planning for the Intel Atom x3 processor support for Sailfish OS."

Aicha Evans, vice president and general manager of Intel's Communication and Devices Group comments: "Intel Atom x3 processor is Intel's first integrated communications platform for tablets, phablets and smartphones, combining 64-bit multi-core Intel Atom application processors together with 3G or 4G LTE connectivity. We are excited to work with Jolla to bring their next Sailfish OS to Intel's new integrated platform."

Approaching next generation 'Sailfish OS 2.0' for both smartphones and tablets

Sailfish OS is an open source powered operating system, which is developed with a continuous integration model, with the aim to provide monthly software updates to all Sailfish OS users and development partners. When the Jolla Tablet is expected to hit the market in Q2/2015, Sailfish OS is maturing to the next generation, 'Sailfish OS 2.0'.

The main elements for the next generation Sailfish OS will include:

  • Even stronger technical OS core and improved Android application compatibility
  • Support for Intel architecture, including the Intel Atom x3 processor
  • Best multitasking on the market for both smartphones and tablets
  • Improved user experience with an enhanced, even richer user interface
  • Strong privacy and personalization features
  • Many new UI/UX features, like enhanced notifications and events views, and even simpler swipe access to main functions
  • 'Sailfish 2.0' is designed to provide premium visibility in the UI for leading digital content providers and to enable OS level integration for mobile commerce

Open industry invitation to the Sailfish OS alliance

With this announcement Jolla is inviting OEMs, ODMs, and leading internet, eCommerce, and content players to join the Sailfish OS alliance. By joining the alliance, partners will get a privileged license to Sailfish OS to build an own unique mobile offering, and to take full advantage of the flexibility and versatile features of Sailfish OS.

Jolla also invites regional internet leaders especially from Russia, India, China and Japan, which are large enough markets and have strong interest to build their independent mobile ecosystems.

Jolla is currently working in close cooperation with leading software companies Tieto Corporation and The Qt Company to provide full-scale system integration and solution capabilities for partners in the development of Sailfish OS based mobile products.

Jolla at Mobile World Congress 2015

Jolla is actively present at Mobile World Congress 2015 presenting the Jolla Tablet, and the next generation 'Sailfish OS 2.0'.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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