Job posting at id Software hints at possible Android game

If you watched Apple's Special Music Event on Sept. 1, you couldn't have missed Epic Games new tech demo, Epic Citadel. Although, just a tech demo at the moment, Epic Citadel is no doubt it is one of the most beautiful games we've ever seen on a handheld to date. Unfortunately for us Andorid users, this Unreal Engine 3 powered game will only be available on iOS devices.

Even though we may not be seeing any Epic Games titles on our Android devices, there may be some love from another tripple-a developer, id Software. A new job posting from id Software is looking for an Android programmer to join id's mobile team. id Software is known for industry leading titles: Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. Basically, they're the guys that birthed the FPS genre we know today.

Currently, id is developing their new engine, RAGE, which was shown off at QuakeCon running at 60fps on iOS. We're hoping id is looking to bring RAGE to Android phones everywhere soon. We can't play the Angry Birds Beta forever now, can we? [Joystiq via [1UP]

  • Epic had better see the light and get with Android devices.
  • Agreed!!!! I think they just see iOS as more of a money maker, because its more difficult to pirate apps and they know the user base WILL PAY UP. It's in apple users blood lol they just love to spend money.
  • Well itsvnot easy or hard... regardless Android is just waaaaaaay too easy to put on full apps, well I guess they could make the games at&t exclusive so you can't side load it xD
  • :) this is great! I hope this is true... I hate relying on Gameloft for quality games, now I can play a better FPS (:, hopefully