It's late 2019 — why do you still use Android over iOS?

Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 displays
Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 displays (Image credit: Android Central)

Android or iOS?

It's a question that gets brought up time and time again in the mobile tech space, and one that'll continue to be debated for many more years to come.

Both Android and iOS saw pretty big updates this year, with Android 10 radically changing the platform's navigation and iOS 13 bringing the long-awaited dark mode.

Now that we're in late 2019 and have 2020 creeping around the corner, we wanted to take another look through the AC forums to see what people have to say on the matter.

I've always loved Android for a number of reasons. Number one, freeness and flexibility of applications and development. Number two, customization of UI completely. Number three, you're not locked down to do anything any one way. The customization one, is a really big thing to me it's everyone else here! IOS hasn't changed the home screen since it was introduced by Steve Jobs. And the widgets in...


I've had Android since 2011, didn't even consider apple with the number of iPods I had die on me. Worked Verizon 2012 until 2016 and was there for the launch of the 5, 5s, 6, 6s. I absolutely hated using the small screens, lack of swype to text, ugly UI, walled ecosystem, lack of expandable storage, lack of customization. Needing to connect to iTunes for so many things including ring tones...


I personally prefer Android because it's more open and customizable. Although, I have been messing around with iOS lately on the iPad Air I got from my cousin. As for transferring files, I found it easier to send it to myself via email or downloading it through Google Photos/Drive. I'm glad there's an iOS version of it. Because iCloud can be a real pain sometimes.


For me it's all about choice. With Android I can decide not only how my phone looks and behaves but how much I want to pay for a new phone or which hardware features are better for my needs. With iOS you have an iPhone, which is good, but there's no much room for personal options.

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What about you? Why do you still use Android over iOS

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  • Yes, it's just more customizable. But IOS is still very good. Whichever you prefer!
  • Why do you?
  • Two words: Custom. Launchers!
  • lol also, three word minimum for this post.
  • I feel like the question is posed as if I shouldn't use Android. I use Android because I think it's the best platform, it's customizable and not boring me to tears. I can change things up on the fly. And I do, often.
  • I don't need to sell one of my kidneys to take a good working Android. Not that they are cheap, but I don't need to sell my body (metaphorically and/or not) to buy something that I can use for 2 or 3 years without problems. I hev older android phones that I can even use for some specific uses, like a MP3 player and so.
  • Sort of a misinformed take. You could have purchased a 16GB iPhone 5S for $650 in 2013. Storage space would be tight in 2019 but it went from iOS 7 through iOS 12. That's 6 years of support from Apple. Basically a little over $100 a year. In the Android world, one would probably buy three different Android phones in that timeframe.
  • The fragmentation of the OS and the total disarray regarding the messaging platform is making me consider the iPhone. I can keep YouTube, Gmail, and Google Calendar, and Maps. I will get 5 years of updates and an American company that values my privacy. I had most of this with BlackBerry until their complete mismanagement destroyed the company. I won't by anything from TCL or any foreign company until my privacy is totally secure.
  • Google is an American company as well...
  • You said you want privacy.. But any single google service isn't good at privacy.. Even google can track you whenever you are.. Try using blackberry specifically the old one.. Or just get any nokia from 2000.. That's what we call privacy.. Doesn't matter if you on android, ios, mac or Windows even Linux.. You don't have any privileges for privacy when you started using 'free' services...
  • That’s not necessarily true. Apple services are free not because they want your information but they want you to keep using their devices. That’s why iMessage is free but it’ll stay on iOS.
  • Apple's Privacy stance is hilarious.
  • I have a Pixel 2 as my daily driver and iPhone 8 in my study drawer. Even though both the OS's have come a long way, the reason I like android is because it's like an independent mini computer where I can do anything without ever connecting to a PC.
  • The main reason is that iPhones do not have always on display or a notification light. Turning the display on every time you simply want to check for notifications would be really annoying. It is the reason I do not own a OnePlus phone as well. I also don't like notches but I could probably live with that. I think iOS is better in most ways and it would be nice to get off of as many Google services as possible since they are at heart an ad company but I am not willing to put up with such an inferior notification system. It is a shame Microsoft couldn't make Windows Phone work. I used a Windows Nokia phone and it was really good except for the lack of apps.
  • Customization, used to it and more phone's to choice from.
  • I don't like iPhone's latest designs, battery life could be better, the ecosystem is too locked down, and I don't like Apple's shady business practices.
  • But you like the Pixels latest design, and terrible battery life? Too locked down, for better security? Tell us how you really feel...
  • lol well played.
  • Android makes affordable devices; devices at every price point. iPhone XR starts at $600, iPhone 11 starts at $700.
  • But which device do you use?
  • Are you telling me that you bought a cheap Android phone?
  • Iphone contracts in the UK are significantly more expensive than comparable android ones. And I had an ipod touch that made me realise I never wanted a phone run by the same company that made ios and iTunes.
  • Three main reasons: 1) iOS is boring. I have an iPhone for work and currently a pixel 4 personally. I gravitate in almost every way to use my pixel over my iPhone whenever I can. It's more fun. The work phone has most of my Google apps installed on it and I still use my pixel.
    2) That closed ecosystem is annoying. Unnecessary sham to keep customers locked in. Nobody puts baby in the corner.
    3) Google Assistant. It has and remains far superior in almost every way.
  • Because why not? There is nothing special or extra that IOS has over Android. I've always found the IOS build and UI quite cumbersome and awkward. Same for the much vaunted getures. While none come close to BlackBerry 10, I find the Android gestures to make more sense and be a lot more user friendly than the IOS ones.
  • I've used both iOS and Android. I prefer Android because it is more customizable than iOS; I can choose how my phone looks and interacts, and I can do almost anything without connecting to a computer. I can set up my home screen layout with launchers, widgets and shortcuts; and can also choose third-party apps as my default option.
  • 1) because windows phone is dead & my Lumia 930 fell apart. 2) Android is customizable. 3) Hell will freeze before I give Apple +$800.
  • Loved my Nokia 820 and stuck with it untill it really became obvious windows mobile was dead! Sad day. Hated android initially coz bought a Samsung galaxy phone and found it infuriatingly overcomplicated so sent it back and bought an original Moto g which I loved and have stuck with stock android devices since. Currently still rocking a Moto X 2014 on marshmallow and still enjoying it! Will probably get another Moto or android one phone when it eventually dies.
  • How many times is this question going to be asked?
  • Probably until we all believe iOS is better. 🤮 It isn't...
  • I prefer Android software. Period. It's cleaner...customizable.. i have said before though that if they made a stock Android with iPhone hardware I would be in
  • I prefer Android Authority, Android Police, XDA to name a few.... Wait, what was the question??
  • Because what the hell is so special about iOS and the iPhone. I have an XR for work and a iPad mini 5 for my personal needs (secondary device) I use iOS everyday and I don't see what the damn hype is about.. My daily driver (personal phone) is an pixel 3 which is preferred over any of the devices in mentioned above. The pixel is easier to use as well.
  • I've been a Google/Gmail user since you needed invites back in 2004. I've been on Verizon since before they were Verizon. While I had a BlackBerry for work, the Motorola DROID was the first smartphone I bought for myself to use on my own line. The original just iPhone wasn't for me. It wasn't good enough for me to switch from the superior coverage of Verizon to the inferior network that is AT&T. Customization didn't really matter to me because I always had a clean build of Android except for when I used the Motorola DROID Bionic's MotoBLUR which was toned down from and not as intrusive as other versions of MotoBLUR and it let me keep using the ahead of it's time Lapdock accessory. The only phone I ever put ROMs on was the Motorola DROID (thanks Peter Alphonso) in order to get the latest version of Android and so I could overclock that device. But the iPhone was always present. I worked in mobile games as flip phones gave way to Android and iOS so the iPhone and iOS devices were always a part of work. My then gf, now wife was on AT&T and had the iPhone 3G. I switched her over to Verizon when Verizon got the iPhone 4. She had the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. She didn't move to Android until I got a killer Black Friday deal on the original Pixel. Meanwhile, I went from Motorola DROID, to Motorola DROID Bionic, to Moto X, to Moto X Pure Edition, to Moto Z Force Droid, to Moto Z2 Play. Motorola perfected their clean build of Android so I never had to go through rough times of "skinned" Android first-hand.' But then came the iPhone XR. I got a new job where I'd be working with iOS apps again. For months, I sat back with my Moto Z2 Play. I grabbed the latest iPod touch. Work provided me with an iPad Pro. Should I switch to iPhone?? I thought about it for weeks. Then came some decent Black Friday deals. I did it. I switched my main phone from Android to iOS. I downloaded all of the Google apps. And then it hit me. I didn't prefer Android. I preferred Google's services. And Google's services are as great as they can be on iOS. My photos are all backed up to Google Photos. Text messages? I treat those like the short messages that they are, not like emails and chat that people nowadays make them out to be. I don't need to back those up ever. And I have WhatsApp and Telegram and Discord for other sets of family and friends anyway (and would have kept using Allo had Google not shut it down). Work messaging is all in Slack. I use Chrome, not Safari. I use the Google Maps, not Apple Maps. I use Google Keep, not Apple's Notes app. I use PocketCasts, not Apple Podcasts. I already have a circle of family and friends that use Duo. YouTube. Google Play Music (for now). I get all the apps that I used on Android on iOS. The platform doesn't matter to me. App availability is what actually counts in the real world. Motorola's clean build of Android combined with going all-in on Google's services have made switching easy. It also makes switching back to Android simple too, which I do occasionally with the underrated Motorola Moto Z4 once in awhile. So why do I prefer Android over iOS? I don't. As long as the apps are there, it doesn't really matter to me.
  • Show me another ecosystem that provides the type of integration of devices and serviced the way Apple’s does. Regardless of if I have my iPhone, I can answer or make calls on my Apple Watch or iPad or my macbook, get content across any of my devices instantly and instantly handoff any activity between any of my apple devices signed in with my Apple account. Plus, my devices get supported by Apple for 5-6 years; i still received iOS 13 updates on my iPhone SE which launched in 2016 and currently thats the only 4 inch smartphone in the market which runs amazingly smooth,l with really good performance. I can easily play PUBG on the iPhone SE; it’s supported on medium graphics and runs smooth without any lags. Android devices from that year have long been ditched for any further updates by their parent company(s); a major point to note here, there are no more 4 inch android devices in the market that can perform as well as the iPhone SE still does. I believe this to be the major reason, Apple’s devices and ecosystem are worth the cost.
  • If you seriously run games on your phone then you do not know what true gaming is. Mobile games are when you are so bored that's all you have left. You can update a 10 yr old Android phone, it's unofficial but can Apple phones do that? Not a chance. You get the same handoff instantly with Google apps. Which I guarantee you use. The ecosystem is beyond expensive and what do you get from a 2500 MacBook that you can't get from a 250 PC? Ding ding, the answer is nothing. You can still message on your PC, can still transfer files from your phone seamlessly. It's overhyped and overpriced garbage. Just take a look at the third party repairs for Apple products and see for yourself.