Issues with texts after moving to Android from iPhone? Here's an easy fix!

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Here's how to rectify one of the most annoying things about moving over from an iPhone

If you've joined the world of Android from using an iPhone – welcome, by the way! – you might be finding yourself in a position of epic frustration when it comes to getting your text messages. The problem materializes when iMessage tries to intercept your messages from your still iPhone using friends, and unless you've told all of them to send a regular text instead, you might be missing out for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, there's a couple of things you can do, as outlined by our good pals over at iMoreLet's take a look.

Before you leave your iPhone behind

If you still have your old iPhone to hand, or you haven't yet made the final jump to Android, you're in the best position to prevent any messaging issues. By following these simple steps, you should eliminate any funkyness with iMessage intercepting. 

You need to head into Settings > Messages, then look for the iMessage toggle at the top of the resulting menu. Turn it off, and then try and send some messages to contacts you know have an iPhone to make sure it's worked properly. If you're presented with a sea of green, then all's good. 

As a side note, the earlier you can do this before making the final move to Android the better. Give Apple's servers the most time you can to kick you out. 

If you've already made the switch and are still suffering

If this is you, then the fix is less techy. Grab your phone and ring Apple support – check your local Apple website for the number in your part of the world. Get put through to Technical Support, have your Apple ID handy, and ask them to manually remove your phone number from the iMessage servers. 

Both of these methods should hopefully fix any potential issues you're having with text messages once you've swapped your old iPhone for a shiny new Android one. If you've got any other related issues since switching, then the best places to go are the Android Central Forums and the iMore Forums, where the awesome Mobile Nations community will be sure to help you out! 

Big thanks to Ally Kazmucha of iMore for putting together this guide. 

Source: iMore

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