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Intel is working on Honeycomb for tablets, expect smartphones within 12 months

It is no secret that Intel has been late to the ARM-dominated mobile industry, but the chip giant is looking to get in to the fight in a pair of big initiatives. The first is getting Honeycomb to run on various Atom tablets that could see Windows and even MeeGo as possible boot options alongside Android. Intel had enough clout with Google to get the Honeycomb source code, which still has not been released to the AOSP. Expect to see tablets with this setup later this year. 

The second is to get Android up and running on smartphones with Intel chips. While we have seen tech demos before, there has not been a commercial release for an Intel-powered smartphone yet. Intel is hoping to change that within the next 12 months. Intel said that testing on the carriers' networks was the biggest holdup at this point. [Intel via Engadet, The Register]

  • I could be wrong, but as I see it microsoft has blown it in regards to implementing a tablet OS. Recently a bigwig at microsoft basically said there will be no optimized tablet OS for the foreseeable future. A really big turnoff for the manufacturers.
    Android is the real player.Eventually the tablet market will be owned by google. It has a ways to go but if google ever concentrates on organizing the hardware manufacturers it will be the future of tablets as we know it. Yes, I know apple is bigger at this time, but that will change as others put out comparable product. Apps need to be put out there, still only 135 optimized apps for honeycomb.
  • The only area i see apple having a leg up on Android is in Apps. If google would keep their apps like google maps exclusive to Android like apple does with their apps that would be a big game changer IMO. Though I hate apple they do have some great apps for pictures, movie creating/editing, music creating/editing and presentation creating/editing. Which in turn makes their ipad a lot more productive. I wish Google would bring that same level of productivity to Android.
  • Apple is like the little sibling u try to.teach to.share by sharing with them.but they never learn hopefully apple proves us wrong cuz it cool to have pages,keynote and etc
  • Great news. Let's see if Google can do something about that battery life with these new chips being made for Android. Also, lets see if we can get some GOOD 3D gaming on Android as well.
  • Are you kidding me? The reason ARM is used 100% is because x86 is a joke on battery life. Nothing like having old 8086 instructions from 1981 in your 2012 smartphone. This is really a waste of time, and won't amount to anything. Intel, you lost. Give it up.
  • Nice! I wonder if this means there's still some hope of turning my POS Inspiron Duo into something worth while.. Although this won't stop me from picking up a Transformer - providing Asus ever decides to announce/ship. :)
  • +1 For the transformer though it will be interesting to see what intel comes up with.
  • I want to go on record saying that this is a very, very, very baaad idea. There is enough fragmentation going on for android. We don't need to also toss in a X86 or x64 builds of it. Yes they can port android but the stuff that doesn't run on dalvik (ie anything good) is going to have to be rewritten, ARM and x86/x64 cant possibly be any more different. This is the kind of thing that turns developers off big time... and in part why the crap phone has such a large dev community. I say we already have enough fragmentation.
  • Put an "intel inside" sticker on my Droid? I think f***ing not! intel is too far behind ARM, they think they are going to surpass them in 2013 with 22nm chips when they currently only have 45nm and ARM is on the verge of 28nm. Just read an article about ARM announcing A15 2.5GHz chips due to hit devices at the end of 2012.. I get hardware upgrade in November 2012.. can't wait. :)
  • my roommate just got a job working on this project at intel up in seattle. i was wondering why they would be fiddling with android, but i guess now i know!
  • This is terrible, if you didn't know intel is putting remote kill swtiches on all their new processors, now we'll have hardware and software kill switches on personal devices.