Layout is like collages, but built into Instagram

First launched for iPhone back in March, Layout is a relatively straightforward app: select the images you want to include, pick a grid, make a few tweaks, and then save it and sent it out to Instagram or the social service of your choice.

Layout lets you select up to 8 images for your collage and offers up adaptive layouts depending on how many you want to include. Once you've got your layout, you can adjust the boundaries between each image, drag and resize the individual images, and flip images horizontally or vertically.

In addition to the impending release of Layout, Instagram is pushing an update for their flagship app (that'd be the titular "Instagram") that adds Structure, which they bill as "a new creative tool on Instagram that brings out details and textures." Both Layout and the Structure update to Instagram are available today from the Google Play Store.

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Press release:

From today, Layout from Instagram will be available on Android in Google Play.

In March, we debuted the new app on iOS as a fun, simple way to combine multiple photos into a single image. We've been impressed by the creativity we've seen from our community so far, and we're excited to bring Layout to even more people.

The app is really simple - and gives you a new way to flex your creativity by allowing you to overlay, mirror, resize and flip duplicates of the same photo or multiple photos to create unique and creative looks.

In addition, we're also announcing the launch of Structure, a new creative tool on Instagram that brings out details and textures. Structure is available as part of today's Android update for Instagram and will be coming soon for iOS.