Industrial design finished for the Recon Jet HUD glasses

We've been covering the Recon Jet HUD glasses for a very long time. It was over a year ago they were first announced, but a few delays have pushed the launch date back. It was seven months ago that the hardware was redesigned, and production was set to ramp up. However, a email blog post from Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt says that the industrial design has now finished.

Recon Jet HUD

Check out the sneak peek of the image above. The Recon Jet doesn't look too shabby. You'll notice that the re-articulation of the Jet's computing engine has been moved up a bit. The company claims this is to improve viewing angle of the display and camera orientation.

The company also states that the Jet is currently being testing to IP 65 standards for water resistant. You won't take this to the bottom of the ocean, but the Recon Jet should withstand your normal outing in the rain.

Recon has also managed to improve the time-to-GPS lock for the Jet. This should help save battery when you're out tracking your extreme sports with the Jet.

Anyone thinking of picking up the Recon Jet when it does come out? It's still expected to ship September 25.

Source: Recon Instruments

Sam Sabri