Inbox by Gmail

Google recently introduced Smart Reply to its Inbox by Gmail mobile apps, and now the company is bringing the feature to the web interface as well. The feature is designed to populate some responses that you may end up typing, and let you just click them to send instead of having to click reply, typing your message and hitting send. From Google's blog post:

Just like in the Inbox mobile app, Smart Reply saves you precious time by suggesting up to three responses based on the emails you get. Selecting an option starts a reply, ready for you to either edit or send:

10% of all your replies on mobile already use Smart Reply, so we're excited to bring this same convenience to the web. It's particularly helpful when you're jamming through lots of emails on your laptop.

Smart Reply Inbox by Gmail

Do you find Smart Reply to be a helpful feature, or would you rather just compose your replies on your own? Let us know how you prefer to handle emails in the comments.