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iBOLT miniPro Window/Dash Kit review

This mount stays where you put it

I haven't used a window mount for my phone before. Mainly because the ones for my GPS units over the years have fallen down - a lot. But when the iBolt miniPro Dash Kit came up for review, I knew I should finally get over my fear of falling and try it. I've got a coverage plan for my phone for a reason, after all. That said, my fears seem to be unfounded. The iBolt miniPro has stayed bolted to the windshield without fail.

Inside the compact box, there is not a lot that comes with the iBolt miniPro. You have the device grip, the suction-cup mount, a dashboard mount, a much smaller adhesive-backed mount, and two alcohol pads to clean your mounting location, which you should most assuredly use before you try to mount the iBolt miniPro. The box also has a device sizing guide on the side.

Mount it and leave it. That's why there's two.

The key to keeping this mount holding strong is to not fiddle with it a lot, as there is adhesive on the suction mount that will wear off if you continuously remove and re-position it. Find a place for it and keep it there. The spring-loaded grip works well, gripping the device tightly but releasing it with little fuss when you're ready to get out. As with any spring-loaded system, the bigger the phone, the more hassle it will give you. I wouldn't use a phone much bigger than the 2014 Moto X with this mount. The device grip will swivel with only slight resistance and rotate a full 360 degrees, and I haven't had it slip any between my rotations and tilting.

As far as using the smaller adhesive mount, you'll have a much smaller range of motion with it while it's mounted to your windshield (or any other flat surface you decide to slap it on), but switching the device grip between the suction mount and the adhesive mount is quick (less than ten seconds) so if you switch between two vehicles frequently, you can have one mount in each car and switch between them by taking the device grip with you.

The iBolt miniPro will see you and your moderately-sized phone through your daily drive or rough roads (a friend is asking about mine for a storm-chasing vehicle), and you can buy one from Android Central here.

Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at @arawagco.

  • Thanks for the review. Does it fit Nexus 6? If not, pls suggest a good mount for my Nexus 6. Thanks in advance.
  • It's not big enough to comfortably fit the Nexus 6. I'm not giving you a proper recommendation (other than maybe the larger sizes of this mount) simply because I have not personally used them. Ask an editor who has one, or ask them to send me one to test, lol.
  • Airframe+
  • Does it fit the Note 4?
  • They make one that fits the Note 4, B&H has the sizes and comparability listed or check iBolts site. My note 4 is wonderfully secure on the dash or windshield. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you want a good dock to suit large phones (or any phone for that matter) look at the iBolt xProDock. It comes with a 9ft charging cable + Aux audio, so you can mount it anywhere and hide the cabling quite easily. Plus the Aux cable allows you to run physical audio out if needed.
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  • I used to have the same fears with the window mounted docks. But the last year or so they have really come a long way. Most of them have the sticky pad that when coupled with the locking lever make it almost impossible to remove from the windshield, let alone fall off it. My problem with the windshield docks, heck, mobile docks in general is the bounce. I have yet to find a dock that doesn't bounce and vibrate like crazy while driving. I understand a little bounce when running over potholes or really rough road, but when you are driving down the highway at 70 MPH, you're not feeling the road much so to have the phone bouncing around to the point you cant see the map is just too much. As for the AUX cables and the like, I have yet to find any connectivity that will play music over the car stereo with any sort of fidelity. The AUX input cable is notoriously susceptible to interference resulting in a significant loss of sound quality over the cars speakers. Streaming via Bluetooth is slightly better but we all know the issues with Bluetooth. Trying to stream over FM is so 00's its not even funny. I cant believe people even try that anymore. The only thing I have found to be of any quality is a USB port on the cars radio. That way you can put all the MP3 you want on it. Problem there is you cant make a playlist so the radio will play all the files in Alphabetical order, resulting in the need to constantly push the next button (quite annoying). Maybe one of those touch screen double din stereo's that have media player apps would be a better way to go but I don't like the added distraction of the touch screen, and I haven't tried one so I don't know how it works. So, I guess what I'm saying is, car docks HAVE come a long way, but they have a very long way to go to be an automatic purchase when you get your new phones. and PS, I have a Note 4 and it sits comfortably in my generic windshield dock that cost a fraction of the iBolt docks.
  • And vent mounted docks are not the answer. Especially now that it is cold outside in most of the country. Most of the country spends at least half of the year in cold enough temperatures that there is a need for them to use the heat in the car. Vent mounted docks are connected to the vent and as such, the hot air blows on to the back of the device. This could make the device unnecessarily hot and could cause stability issues. And the same holds true for the summer or warmer months. Most people will use the air conditioner and this would blow cold air on the device. In areas that it is extra humid this could result in the buildup of condensation on the cold components of the device and cause the device to fail.
  • Great device for keeping your gadget securely where you want it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've used the iBolt mini Pro for several months. It's the only windows mount I've ever recommended to friends. Don't let the low price fool you. It is a quality device. I've used it with my Moto X 1st generation phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, with my Moto X (2013), it was just about perfect, but it's getting a little tight with the 2014.
  • I've used this mount for my 1st gen Moto X also. Can't praise it enough. It works and works well. A must buy. Posted via the Android Central App
  • well if you want something thats just as good except less than half the price try this works fine with G3 but you wouldn't want a phone to be much bigger or it wouldn't fit
  • I have both changed car and phone/tablet a few times, and every time I got a Brodit mount, usually several options for placing them in the car without blocking your view. Just select a mount for your car, then a mount for your phone and combine them.
    Note that besides also being Swedish and owning a couple of mounts, I have no affiliation with them.
  • This mount works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy s6. Have already shot some dashboard video with it and there was no vibration at all. Easy access to streaming music and phone calls via the Dock n Drive app too!