Huawei's mid-sized MediaPad M3 tablet coming to the U.S. Nov 17

After a long period of European exclusivity, the Huawei MediaPad M3 is finally coming to the U.S.

Starting on November 17, you'll be able to buy the 8.4-inch tablet that features some of Huawei's best-ever tablet specs for a fairly reasonable $299. It will be sold through Amazon.

In his review of the tablet, Alex Dobie said that it was a great device let down by mediocre performance likely brought on by a too-high screen resolution:

The major takeaway here: Browsing and media consumption are just fine, but don't expect the M3 to be a serious gaming tablet. The Kirin 950 simply doesn't have the graphical horsepower to drive high-end games at 2560x1600.

He also said that the EMUI software, fine on phones, just doesn't scale well on a tablet:

That said, the experience remains basically just like using an enormous Huawei phone. All our favorite features from EMUI on phones — tight control over background apps for improved battery life, handy tethering features, display tweaks like "eye protection" mode and direct control over screen density — remain intact.

According to Huawei, the MediaPad M3 "features exceptional audio-visual performance, ergonomic design, outstanding battery life, an 8MP camera, and Huawei's world-leading fingerprint sensor." These are all good things. The takeaway, though, is more about how few great Android tablets there are these days, and this is one of the best just because it exists.

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Greg Riegler