HTC's video chat screen sharing now has drawing too

The HTC Eye Experience update brought a lot of interesting features to HTC device owners, especially in the camera department, but the included improvements to video chat have largely flown under the radar, though today's update makes things a little more interesting. As part of video chat you've been able to share your HTC device's screen, and with the latest update to the HTC Video Chat Enhance app you can now draw as you're sharing your screen.

Yep, drawing on screen sharing from a smartphone. We live in the future, people.

In addition to the new screen sharing drawing, HTC Video Chat Enhance also includes face tracking, which is meant to help keep your face in the camera when you're engaging in video chat. HTC Video Chat Enhance is available now for free from the Google Play Store, though you'll obviously need an HTC device running HTC Sense 6 to take advantage of it.