HTC Tattoo Shown in Video

The HTC Tattoo is already available for Vodafone UK customers but us stateside Android users are left in the dark about this very unique Android phone. The HTC Tattoo runs the HTC Sense UI and its hardware shell can be personally designed to your own liking. Though we have expressed our disappointment in the resistive touchscreen, it looks very functional in the video review.

The video goes through the basics, it gives you the tour of the Sense UI and also shows off some of the hardware. For a low-end Android phone, the HTC Tattoo seems to be a decent offering. Has anyone got their hands on this?

Hit the jump for part 2 of the video review!


Casey Chan
  • Great video and demo of the HTC Tatoo. Will get one soon...since I live in Bangkok, Thailand, I won't be tied to a silly service, and it will be truly open source Android. I'm just hoping that I will be able to upgrade to Android 2.0 like the Roid offers through Motorola. Will this be possible? Thanks again. Larry
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