HTC Q1 2015 earnings show continued profitability

Update: HTC has posted its preliminary Q1 2015 earnings report online.

As reported by Reuters, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has posted preliminary earnings showing a net profit of NT$360 million (about $11.6 million) for the first quarter of 2015, which marks a big jump from a net loss of NT$1.88 billion (roughly $60 million) just a year ago. Further, the company reported unaudited revenue of NT$41.52 billion ($1.3 billion), which is up from NT$33.12 billion ($1.06 billion) over the same period last year. These numbers are down slightly compared to the previous quarter, but that is to be expected given the lack of a holiday sales bump this quarter.

These numbers mark the second quarter in a row that HTC has managed to post a profit after going nearly three years without doing so. It will be interesting to see if the company's latest flagship, the HTC One M9, can give HTC's financials an even bigger push going forward.

Keep in mind that these are preliminary numbers. HTC has historically released the final numbers for the first quarter towards the beginning of May, so we'd expect to hear more next month.

Source: Reuters

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