MoDaCo switch

With the recent release of the Google Play Edition HTC One, two software versions now exist for the same hardware: Google's 'stock' version of Android (as found on the Google Play edition), and HTC's Sense version of Android (as found on all other models). Those who are willing to unlock the bootloader on their phones and install some custom software gain the ability to switch between these two different versions of Android. Each version has its benefits and drawbacks, making staying on one exclusively a difficult decision.

Thanks to Paul O'Brien's newly developed MoDaCo Switch, users can now have their Android cake and eat it too. Visually an app like any other located in the app drawer, the MoDaCo Switch -- when pressed -- presented the user with two options: Stock (HTC Sense) or Google Play edition (AOSP). If AOSP is selected while on HTC Sense, the phone will quickly shut down and immediately reboot into the Google Play edition side of the phone.

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Source: MoDaCo

The killer feature of the MoDaCo Switch is that only one set of data and applications is used.

What does this mean? The Google accounts, apps, game data, and basically any other user data, is shared between the Stock side and the Google Play Edition side. Install an application while using HTC Sense side, and that application is there when the phone is rebooted into the Google Play edition side (and vice versa). According to O'Brien, this improves on existing dual boot solutions in that there is no continual merging of data or trying to keep the two Android versions in sync.

The MoDaCo Switch will work with two of the most popular custom Android recoveries, ClockworkMod recovery and TWRP recovery. O'Brien also says that this switch has the potential to work with other custom ROMs as well, not being limited to only HTC Sense and AOSP (CyanogenMod anyone?). The pending release of the MoDaCo Switch is to be announced on the MoDaCo website and/or Twitter feed.