HTC One Max

Mystery blob under camera

There's most likely a month or so to go before HTC's 5.9-inch One Max becomes official, but we've already seen enough evidence to suggest that the phone is real, and coming soon. Today a fresh image has leaked out over on Taiwanese blog ePrice showing the Max alongside its smaller siblings, the HTC One and One Mini. And while it more or less confirms what we already know — specifically, that it'll look like an oversized HTC One — a couple of features on the device's back warrant further investigation.

The first is the mysterious black blob under the camera. ePrice speculates that it could be some sort of fingerprint reader; it's also possible that it may be part of some IR-based communications feature, as previously seen on the Japanese HTC J One. Or it could be nothing more than a sticker placed over some identifying mark.

Look in the bottom right corner and you'll also spot three marks, which might be connectors for some kind of charging dock. Curiously, a controversial non-final render of the Max didn't include either of these two hardware characteristics.

In any case, there's a little longer to wait before we find out exactly which features will make it into the final HTC One Max hardware. In the meantime, share any theories down in the comments.

Source: ePrice