HTC One M9 leak

Notorious phone leaker @evleaks has temporarily stepped out of retirement, presenting what might be our first proper look at two unannounced, high-end HTC phones — one of which may be the HTC One M9. Today's tweet, which shows two hitherto unseen handsets alongside leaks of the M8, M7 and the abandoned HTC Edge, strongly suggests these could be HTC's new flagship phones.

If the images are accurate, HTC might field not one but two high-end phones in regular and extra-large form factors. This would fit in with rumors of devices codenamed "Hima" and "Hima_Ultra" which have been circulating in recent months. It also calls into question some recent photographic leaks showing a more M8-like design.

Nexus 9-like speakers, EYE-style cameras and a mystery sensor.

It's tough to make out much detail from these tiny shots, however the hardware seems to incorporate well-known HTC design traits. There's a metal-backed body, Nexus 9-style front-facing speakers, Desire EYE-style front-facing cameras and the obligatory HTC branding up front. Unlike last year's HTC One, the new devices seem to feature all-glass front panels.

The major wild card is the apparent button or sensor on the front of the larger model. It's unlikely this is a Samsung-style home key; instead some sort of fingerprint scanner would be more fitting. HTC previously experimented with biometric security back on the One Max, but that device sported a rear-mounted scanner.

We won't know for sure what HTC's got up its sleeve until March 1, but given @evleaks' track record there's a decent chance it'll look like what we see above.