Finally, we've got our hands on the HTC One for official one-on-one time. This is finished hardware, and nearly complete software, so it's time to get our official HTC One review under way.

Before all that, though, it's worth reading over our HTC One preview. While things have been simplified, there's still a lot to go over. And if you've yet to visit our HTC One forums, there's a lot of good stuff going on in there as well.

A now a few quick thoughts, now that we've got the HTC One away from the show floors and into a more intimate setting. (We've turned down the lights and lit a few candles for this guy.)

  • Know that startup noise you get when turning on a phone for the first time? The HTC One just about blows you away. That's the first sign of how good these speakers are.
  • It's going to take a little used to reaching to the top left to turn the power off and on. That's user error, though. Not the phone's fault.
  • I'm pretty quickly digging the new font in Sense 5.
  • Damn, it feels good in the hand.
  • Super LCD 3 display -- should be on every smartphone.
  • This is a European version, so no AT&T LTE, but HSPA works just fine. 
  • If you're worried about BlinkFeed getting in the way of a more standard Android experience, don't be. One quick swipe and you're at the usual home screen.
  • Speaking of BlinkFeed, I quickly get the feeling that the key is going to be not overloading it with feeds. Find what's really important and stick with it.
  • Still not sold on the home button being in the bottom right, but figuring it out for Google Now and multitasking is simple enough.
  • I've yet to try to tap the HTC logo. But that's because I'm consciously reminding myself that it's not a button.
  • Wondering how long it takes me to scratch up the aluminum body. 
  • Gotta go play with that camera now.

Let's get to work.