We guide you through finding the perfect case for your HTC One M8

So you've got your HTC One M8. Now you want to get a case for your M8. We can help.

If you're not normally a case person, you might actually want to consider a case for your HTC One M8. It's a tall phone. And it's a tall, slick phone. A case for your M8 will help you keep a grip on it as well as protect it should the unfortunate happen and it slips from your hand.

And HTC has a pretty intriguing offering with its HTC One Dot View Case. It allows information to shine through it via a series of holes. But it's also capacitive, so you can still swipe and tap to interact with your phone — all without opening up the Dot View Cover. Or, for more traditional experience you could go with the HTC One M8 Flip Case.

Or, if you prefer, there's a world of third-party cases out there. We'll help you find the best case for your HTC One.