HTC Merge in Entrepreneur Magazine

Has the HTC Merge been announced and we missed it? (Heh, not hardly.) Because it's got a hell of an advertisement in the latest Entrepreneur Magazine. It's being touted as "a work phone that's updated for your life ... Everything your work phone couldn't do." That's an interesting line for Verizon's manufacturing partner, given that the Motorola Droid Pro -- an obvious play for the business type -- was just released, and maybe that's part of the reason why we've yet to see the Merge be announced.

Anyhoo, check out more pics from the Entrepreneur Magazine ad after the break. And then check our our exclusive hands-on with the Merge, as well as our video preview, benchmark tests and comparison to the Droid 2. Thanks, Steven!

Phil Nickinson
  • first!.... i think i really want the Incredible HD but it looks like this may be coming out sooner and im getting impatient with my storm...
  • Storm? I had one of those before I got my Droid. I truly understand your frustration.
  • I would also love to see the Incredible HD... but am more curious to see if Verizon has a companion phone to the Nexus S with similar hardware specs. If the specs of the Nexus S hold true, then it will be a beast of a device!
  • Htc Desire Hd (Ireland) is a big let down, the screen quality & colours that it gives are no where near as good as the older Htc Desire due to the latter having the super amoled screen. Was waiting patiently to get it & now I'm impatient to get rid of it.
  • Well the one coming to VZW has the same screen the ev has and it's amazing. I personally can't wait to get my hands on the Inc HD
  • The Desire doesn't have a Super Amoled screen - just an Amoled screen. Only the Galaxy S series, the Wave, the Focus, and the Omnia 7 have super amoled screens.
  • Current Desires have a Sony Super LCD panel instead of the Samsung AMOLED. Samsung wasn't able to deliver the quantity of panels that HTC required.
  • At this point I don't give a crap what HTC or Samsung bring to the US in terms of AT&T 3G compatible devices, just bring something for Gods sake. I'm sick of waiting on the Desire HD, Nexus S, Galaxy 2...blah...blah...blah. I just want something GOOD to replace my Nexus One with, the faulty touchscreen is killing me (basic typing is so bad). The Captivate is "ok", but it doesn't wow me. AT&T easily has double the subscribers to that of T-Mobile, yet we only have one real Android device (ignoring the X10).
  • hey verizon stop teasing me :(
  • I think it's safe to say that this phone was meant to come out on the 19th (or around there). Was there a problem with it, or did they just not want to have it compete with Motorola (Verizon's baby)?
  • i was starting to lose interest in this phone. now it's back thanks to this ad.