cases for the HTC Merge

Deciding which style case is best for your HTC Merge can be tricky.  There's a wide variety of cases available ranging from leather cases, waterproof cases, and skin cases to holsters and hard cases for the HTC Merge.  Although each are different in their own way, they all serve one similar purpose:  Protecting your HTC Merge.

HTC Merge Hard Cases

HTC Merge Hard Cases 

These hard cases for the HTC Merge offer a great level of protection against drops, dings and scratches that can occur when you least expect them to.  With cut-outs for all of the device's features, the HTC Merge hard cases provide optimal coverage while keeping a slim form factor for your smartphone.


Waterproof Cases for HTC Merge

HTC Merge waterproof cases

It's difficult to enjoy all outdoor activities without having to worry about getting your HTC Merge sweaty or soaking wet.  This is where waterproof cases for the HTC Merge are extremely handy to keep around for weekend excursions. 

HTC Merge Cases

Cases for HTC Merge