Seidio Innocase II surface on the HTC Inspire 4G

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the HTC Inspire 4G is a great way to protect your HTC Inspire 4G or Desire HD.  Yes, this is one time when our friends across the pond have the same body and outer shell on their version of a phone as we do here in the states.  The case is made of Seidio's unique soft touch material that flexes when needed but is a sort of hard composite material.  I'm not sure exactly what material it's made of, but I know it's tough.  The case is very thin so it keeps the thin profile of the Inspire and adds very little bulk, but offers protection from bumps and dings.

The case cutouts line up very well with all the controls and ports, and wraps around the corners to give just enough of a lip so that the screen won't touch the table if you lay your phone face-down.  On the back, the case is just thick enough so that the camera lens cover won't get scratched.  The two-piece design is coated with a soft flocked material inside to keep your Inspire from getting scratched while putting it on. 

The locking "mechanism" on this one seems to have been improved compared to when I've used the same model case on other phones.  It's the same slide and lock system, but it seems stiffer, and almost difficult to remove.  This could be the shape of the Inspire itself at play, but whatever it is the Innocase II Surface isn't going to come apart in your pocket.  The only drawback I found is the cutout for the power button makes it a bit more difficult to turn the phone on and off, but the way the button itself sits far forward on the Inspire's body it's the only way it could have been done.  Seidio does provide a large area to place your finger, and it's probably a matter of getting used to things.

You can get the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Inspire 4G for $27.95 from the Android Central store in amethyst, blue, black, or burgundy.

 Seidio Innocase II for the Inspire  rear view

Assembly  sliding design

Earpiece  Camera cutout

top  bottom

volume switch cutout