chargers and cables for the HTC Flyer

Whether it's car chargers, wall chargers or even USB cables- they are all equally as important as the next in terms of keeping your HTC Flyer charged up throughout the day.  These HTC Flyer chargers and cables are great to carry as spares when traveling, keeping at the office, or even while getting around in your vehicle.  Keeping a charger for your HTC Flyer handy at all times ensures that you'll never go without power when you need it most.

HTC Flyer Wall Chargers

Wall chargers for HTC Flyer 

Wall chargers for the HTC Flyer are a must-have for any tablet owner.  Keep one at home, the office and one for traveling.  These HTC Flyer wall chargers provide a quick and safe charge while ensuring that your device stays powered up throughout the day.  Simply plug the charger into your HTC Flyer and it provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your battery.


Car Chargers for HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer Car Chargers

HTC Flyer car chargers are a great way to make sure your tablet is juiced up. Just plug it into the car's outlet and you'll make sure you're ready to rock when you reach your destination. HTC Flyer car chargers feature the same microUSB plug as a wall charger, and some of them feature coiled cables to keep things nice and neat in the car.

HTC Flyer Chargers and Cables

Chargers and Cables for HTC Flyer