HTC Desire EYE

HTC Camera is the Taiwanese company's latest app to move to Google Play, becoming easier to update on Sense 6 devices without requiring a firmware upgrade. The app's release notes state that it brings the HTC EYE Experience to supported devices, however the features you're able to use will depend on which specific phone you own.

The HTC EYE camera experience was first revealed on the Desire EYE, and includes shooting modes like Split Capture, for taking front and rear images simultaneously, and Crop Me In, which attempts to place you into a photo from the rear camera.

HTC has moved many of its core apps over to Google Play since the launch of the One M8, with recent additions including HTC Weather, HTC Lock Screen and HTC Scribble.

HTC owners, if you're seeing today's HTC Camera update, hit the comments and let us know if you're seeing any of the new features.