HTC and Sports Illustrated want to put you behind the tan lines

HTC and Sports Illustrated are looking for someone to be the official HTC correspondent to cover the 2011 swimsuit edition photo shoots.  HTC and SI will provide a new HTC smartphone, and the contest winner will be required to shoot pictures and video of the event  for the Sports Illustrated Behind the Tanlines page.  I doubt much arm-twisting will be needed. 

While I would prefer that nobody else enters, ensuring my victory and swimsuit model vacation, I'll tell you guys (and gals) how to enter -- Just upload a photo or video (3 minutes or less) at the Behind the Tanlines contest page, and fill out the form to give them a tweet.  Rules and details are available at the source link.  Good luck, and if you'll excuse me I have some video to shoot.  [Behind the Tanlines via HTC Source]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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