HTC Dot View Case

HTC today updated the app for its Dot View Case for the HTC One M8, adding a handful of new options. The coolest probably is the addition of themes for wallpapers. You can choose one of the 18 included with the app, or add your own from your gallery, or by taking a new picture. Normal pictures probably won't look all that great, though, so you'll need to play around until you find something with the right detail. The stock images HTC has included are pretty cool, though.

You also now have the option to redial the three most recent calls, and you can swipe left or right to get more notifications.

The Dot View case, as you'll recall, adds protection to the front and back of the phone while allowing for functionality thanks to its semi-transparent cover and touchscreen capability. You can get the time and weather, see some notifications, and act on them all by swiping on the cover.

Thanks, brainimpact, for the tip!