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HTC: 6.3 million devices with Carrier IQ -- including some that shouldn't have it

Now here's where it gets interesting. In HTC's response to questioning from U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., it listed some 6.3 million "active devices" that have Carrier IQ installed. They include:

  • Sprint: Snap (Windows Mobile), Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile), Hero, EVO 4G, EVO Shift 4G, EVO 3D, EVO Design 4G
  • AT&T: Vivid
  • T-Mobile: Amaze 4G

However, HTC also disclosed that "components of the Carrier IQ solution" are on the HTC Merge, Acquire, Desire, Wildfire, Flyer and a variant of the Hero. But, the components on those phones "are not requested by the wireless service providers who sell these devices. HTC is currently working on an update to remove these software components from these devices.

HTC, in its response, reiterates that it neither receives nor stores any data the Carrier IQ software collects because the carrier, not HTC, is Carrier IQ's customer. And that's repeated in the bulk of the responses.

More: HTC's response (pdf)

  • I thought at first that this data was used by development teams at the hardware maker side so that they could see user trends to make the devices better but now I'm more concerned that the carriers are Carrier IQ's customers. What do they want all this raw data for? I mean aren't the carriers simply trying to sell you a line, a device, and a plan? Do they really need to know that I hit the home button 700 times a month or pressed the number 1 500 times?
  • As I said before sky net. Ok hmm am I the only one that thinks this maybe related to the tier data plan crap were facing today...well not me(sprint baby) but many others
  • Remember back when everybody said that HTC was the golden child compared to Motorola and Samsung, and that they "cared" about the consumer more than the others? Now, they lock their phones down just as much as anybody else and have this crap. I hope you learned your lesson...all of them care about the almighty dollar more than they care about us.
  • It says pretty clearly that they have no involvement with CIQ. That they are required by contract, from the carriers, to install it. Not sure HTC should getting flack from anyone.
  • I'm continually impressed with HTC's promptness to address public concerns. As well as their trend of giving thorough explanations to various issues. Unlike many, I'm personally not concerned with CIQ. However, as many have said, it's the principle behind the problem. There is information that should be private... the consumer should have the say as to whether they desire to participate in any information mining. An update needs to be pushed out, from the carriers, that allows customers to remove CIQ without having to root their device. I own a HTC Vivid. I love it.
  • I guess I am not sure exactly when CIQ started getting implemented. There are a lot more HTC phone models on ATT (and T-Mobile) than just the Vivid, but looking at the list some of those phones are 2-3 years old. Also, I am assuming that the HTC Flyer is the 3G one, otherwise if it is on my wi-fi only version, there is absolutely no reason for it to be on there unless HTC wants to know about the performance of my tablet.
  • So let me get this right? It shows that the EVO 4G has it on it? Except that both of the EVO 4G's at my disposial both pass the Lookout Labs test (Carrier IQ Detector) saying that CARRIER IQ is not present? Like I have said before, I don't mind Carrier IQ being on my phone, I really have nothing to hide at all. But let me chose to have it on there or not, and give me a little kick back if I am willing to let you....such as month discount on each line that has it...or being able to upgrade sooner. $.02 FWIW - both EVO's are stock and not even rooted!
  • Man, you people in the states, are really sucking hind teat. I feel pity for you. Did all that voting, let carriers run amok, trample on your privacy. And now see the machine you have created... And now, your personal info waits to be sent to... Who knows who? I'll bet "I" know. But like all sheep without teeth, you'll sit idly by, thinking "somebody else" will take care of the issue. Like Jerry H blabbed "do it with your wallets" (ok, easy for a person who gets "free" phones every week) But nobody listened to him. Stop buying android phones for about 3 or 4 weeks. None. Nada. Zilch. Bet they will be pronto in removing the blatant spyware from the OS. Of course Gnomeland security won't be happy....
  • But our country is still better than yours... Cheers!
  • based on what? I'm an american but to make this statement, shows the true problem with our country today. You've been smelling the salt with no proof. Just repeating the same line from the 50's. Other countries could be giving Shit away for free, but you wouldn't know. You just spout off how great we are. Our middle class shrinks every year, our poor increase in size. The wealthy top keep getting wealthier off our backs, and use the excuse "we just don't work hard enough." We WAIT FOR OTHERS TO DO THINGS FOR US, as the poster says, and we complain we'll sue, rather than take any responsibility. Other countries have ONE network GSM, and are free to move their phones to any carrier. But we rely on Carrier branded subsidies models, that claim bloated inflated retail prices to keep you locked into your contract. Wake up. We are not that great. We are stuck in a repeating rut that is running our tread very thin.
  • Man, for somebody who doesn't even live in the United States, you really know nothing about this issue or how the U.S. federal government and economic system works.
  • so am i to understand that according to these letters this is only happening on sprint, at&t and t-mobile and not Verizon or were they left out of the letters intentionally. i dont know all the info on this stuff so dont chastise me for the question i just own a Rezound and a Tbolt before that and was interested.