How to watch Solar Opposites season 2 online from anywhere

Solar Opposites Hulu
Solar Opposites Hulu (Image credit: Hulu)

If you've been eagerly awaiting the next season of Rick & Morty, Hulu's animated series Solar Opposites is just the thing to tide you over and we have all the details on how you can watch the show's second season online.

There are quite a few similarities between Solar Opposites and Rick & Morty because it was co-created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan who worked as a writer's assistant on the show. However, while Rick & Morty is about a human family that often has alien adventures, Solar Opposites tells the story of four aliens trying to blend in as humans.

In Solar Opposites, Korvo (Justin Roiland), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), and Jesse (Mary Mack) are a team of four aliens who crash land on Earth after escaping their exploding homeworld. While Korvo and Yumyulack only see the worst parts of earth including the pollution, consumerism, and human frailty, Terry and Jesse love humans, TV, junk food, and having fun. The group is charged with protecting the Pupa which is a living super computer that will one day evolve into its true form, eat them and terraform Earth.

Season 1 of Solar Opposites introduced us to all of the characters and the move-in ready home they crashed their ship into in suburban America. Season 2 begins with the aliens having successfully repaired their ship but like always, something goes horribly wrong and they are once again stuck on earth just as they were last season. Based on the trailer, it looks like season 2 of Solar Opposites will be even wackier than last season and back in June of last year, Hulu renewed the show for a third season which will feature 12 new episodes while season 1 and season 2 only had eight.

Whether you've been waiting on the second season of the show or are just looking for something fun to watch before season 4 of Rick & Morty drops later this year, we'll show you how to watch Solar Opposites from anywhere in the world.

Solar Opposites season 2: When and where?

Season 2 of Solar Opposites will premiere on Friday, March 26 on Hulu and all of the eight new episodes of the show will be available to stream at once. Each episode has a runtime of just over 20 minutes and you can also watch the first season of the show on the streaming service.

How to watch Solar Opposites in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and already have a Hulu subscription, you'll be able to watch season 2 of Solar Opposites when it premieres on Friday, March 26. If you're not a subscriber yet, Hulu is currently offering a 1-month free trial which should give you plenty of time to test it out yourself.

If you just want to watch Solar Opposites on Hulu though, then the service's Basic plan costs $5.99 per month while its ad-free Premium plan costs $11.99 per month. Alternatively, you can also sign up for Hulu with Live TV for $64.99 per month to watch the service's Hulu Originals along with 60 live TV channels.

If you're considering signing up for Hulu, it's worth noting that there is also a Disney Plus Bundle available that gives you access to Hulu along with Disney+ and ESPN+ for just $13.99.

Watch Solar Opposites in Canada, the UK, and Australia

If you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia and want to watch Solar Opposites, then you'll need a subscription to Disney Plus to do so. However, the show just arrived on Disney's streaming service outside of the U.S. in February of this year with new episodes airing weekly through April 2, so only season 1 is currently available to watch for now.

Disney has confirmed season 2 of Solar Opposites will arrive on Disney Plus on April 9, a week after season 1 ends, in the UK and Canada. It hasn't yet been confirmed for a release in other regions like Australia and New Zealand, though it will likely be a similar time frame.

Anthony Spadafora